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View Diary: Michigan Democrats to Snyder: Anti-union law would mean 'endless controversy' (113 comments)

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  •  I thought that was Bernero's biggest mistake... (2+ / 0-)
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    3goldens, MichiganChet

    I'm down in TX and if I know who Bernero is, him not running for governor last time around was a horrible mistake. Other candidates I think could and should have run for their respective states last time around: Cory Booker and Gavin Newsome.

    •  Virg did run. (6+ / 0-)

      That was the problem--he was a crummy candidate.

      "A lie is not the other side of a story; it's just a lie."

      by happy camper on Mon Dec 10, 2012 at 10:04:36 AM PST

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    •  Bernero did run for governor in 2010 (7+ / 0-)

         Unfortunately, he was beaten badly by Snyder. There were two problems: First Snyder had lots of money and portrayed himself as successful businessman whose only concern was jobs. The Democrats were not successful in challenging that image. Secondly, the  turnout in Detroit was abysmal, about 7-8 percentage points below normal. No Democrat running statewide had chance. That's also how the Republican knuckle draggers gained complete majorities in the house and senate.

      •  All too true (0+ / 0-)

        The feeling was that Snyder was a 'moderate' Repub - he actually bested the hard right Mike Cox and one or two other teabaggy people in a primary - so people had a false sense of reassurance. This is the problem with voting for 'moderates' in an opposing party; they generally do a poor job of standing up to the knuckle-draggers in their own political group. I suppose I should say (In the interest of disclosure) that I know Virg Bernero, and I think he would have made a fine governor; certainly nothing like right to work would have passed under his reign

        An empty head is not really empty; it is stuffed with rubbish. Hence the difficulty of forcing anything into an empty head. -- Eric Hoffer

        by MichiganChet on Mon Dec 10, 2012 at 02:08:16 PM PST

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