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  •  Quickie off-topic question: (5+ / 0-)

    how come nobody has done a comparison of American military adventures in the Middle East and North Africa ???

    Eisenhower, 1958. Lebanon. In quick, toss bribes, get a face-saving agreement, out again in 90 days.

    Reagan, 1983/1984. Lebanon. In quick, fire naval guns into the hills, the embassy on Rue de Paris gets blown April 18th '83, Marine barracks gets blown October 23rd '83, more naval guns, retreat in February '84, policy collapse leading to Hezbollah formation in '85.

    Obama, 2011/2012. Libya supporting Tunisian stability. Nobody "in" but Special Forces, bribes all around, save Benghazi from Ghaddafi's armor, win the revolution, lose 11 total from NATO countries. Win 100% of policy objectives.

    Reagan also blamed a quadriplegic mid-level officer from the barracks attack -- not the C.O. -- for the security lapses. (No defensive perimeter, no traffic blocks, no recoilless rifles. Nothing to match what Dept. of State did at the Middle East embassies after the April attack.)

    Anything to avoid a PR hit. But I forget... St. Ronnie is the key to "Party of Reagan" hero worship.

    Anybody interested in a follow up ???

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