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  •  we are all the product of those who care about us (12+ / 0-)

    one of the worst lessons we teach kids is to assume that because someone "looks like you" that they will have your best interest at heart.

    for example, one of the most important people in my early life--and who i need to write a thank you card to as i hope she is still alive--was my 4th grade teacher. she was a white native american out lesbian who was a former army officer. she was the toughest high standard person i ever encountered. long story, i was put in a class for "below average" kids because of a student teacher who did the tracking. i should have been in the highest track based on my test scores.

    i was bored and would get in trouble. if it wasn't not for her intervention--and thank god for my parents--i would likely have been on a very different path in life and ended up a drop out or in prison.

    You sound like you are doing great by your kids. As you know kids are very perceptive and smart. When we talk to them as opposed to at them, it is surprising how much they learn and can communicate. Your kids are lucky to have you.

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