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View Diary: The gang's getting back together to prevent Senate reform (78 comments)

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  •  So what are we to make of that? (3+ / 0-)
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    Because in 2005, Lamar Alexander loved the hell out of it:

    "The argument that the Senate doesn't have the power to change this procedure would get thrown out of court in a summary judgment. From 1789 when the Senate first met and adopted its rules by majority vote, it has adopted its rules by majority vote as the Constitution provides." -- April 12, 2005

    "I have no doubt that changing the Senate's cloture rule by a majority vote is clearly constitutional. Some have argued that the Senate's cloture rule, which allows just 41 of us to block up-or-down votes, carries over from one Congress to the next by rule V. But no less an authority than the distinguished Senator from West Virginia, when he was majority leader, argued very persuasively and with great common sense that this is not true." -- March 9, 2005

    So now what?

    We can quote them at each other all day long. What are we going to do when we're done doing that?

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