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View Diary: Wouldn't 136 Bullets Have Been Enough? (157 comments)

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  •  THis happened 10 minutes from (12+ / 0-)

    where I live. Holy shit. I hadn't heard of it, either. Wow that's scary.

    East Cleveland gets poorer and more vulnerable to police brutality every year. I attended Shaw High School in EC in the early 90s and it's demographics were 100% black. It doesn't surprise me that EC has been declining for decades due to lack of work, loss of property because of predatory lending and the increasing poverty and decay and hopelessness that you see when you drive through EC. It doesn't surprise me that those cops would take a chance unloading hundreds of bullets on two black people and feel they could defend it or cover up their excessive force with lies about the victims.

    They don't have cameras on cops but they can somehow afford to have cameras on all the stop lights to catch people running a yellow light. I don't even drive through that town if I can avoid it.

    Just so there's no confusion, East Cleveland wouldn't be considered Cleveland's east side, it's a suburb/township just outside the Cleveland city limits.

    "It's not enough to acknowledge privilege. You have to resist." -soothsayer

    by GenXangster on Mon Dec 10, 2012 at 05:25:59 PM PST

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