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View Diary: NHL lockout continues: No hockey until at least January (116 comments)

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    Despite my sister being a school classmate of Wertz's kid (cough, gag!!!) back in the 80s, I never had any interest in hockey growing up.  Then I ended up at a D1 hockey college, where I fell in love with the game.  I started playing at the age of 26, and well over a decade later, I continue to be amazed at the physical stamina, technical skill, intelligence, and grace that it takes to play the sport at a high level.

    Now that I live in DC, the Caps have until now been building a huge groundswell of local interest in the game.  Kids hockey programs are increasingly difficult to get into because there are many more interested kids than available slots.  My own daughter started playing at the age of 5, and she loves the game for making her faster, stronger, and more confident.  What she wants more than anything right now - what all the kids in her hockey program want more than anything right now - is to see a game in person.  

    This is the future of the sport right here.  These are the people who can make these teams financially viable in the future - or not, if the league continues to ignore their fans and developing fans.  There is massive growth potential for hockey in the U.S. and around the world (the NHL is increasingly attracting top talent and media attention from other parts of the world).  But not if they keep setting themselves back at square one every time the CBA comes up for renewal.

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