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View Diary: Lindsey Graham urges GOP obstinance on fiscal cliff, debt ceiling (92 comments)

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  •  "Like Greece" (4+ / 0-)

    It infuriates me to hear this line. Especially when people should know better. We wil never... Never ever.... "Be like Greece."

    If Greece could borrow money at less than 1%, they wouldn't be "like Greece."

    If Greece was not part of a monetary union which gives them no control of their own monetary policy, they would not be "like Greece."

    If Greece had the largest military in the world, if their money was propped up by it's petro-currency status, if they had the world's reserve currency, if the had debt to GDP ratios less than almost all of the industialized world, like the USA does, they would not be "like Greece."

    For these and many other reasons, I wish conservatives would take a course in public policy and stop scaring all the intellectually challenged among us with this nonsense. We couldn't be "like Greece" if we wanted to be.

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