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View Diary: Michigan Fights Back Against "Right-to-Work," Wisconsin Stands Alongside & Braces for Onslaught (49 comments)

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  •  Thanks, Badscience! (8+ / 0-)

    Thanks to you, also, for so graciously allowing me to utilize the OLB photographs for good! :)

    If it were up to me, the "Divide and Conquer" video and the "David Koch" phone call with Ian Murphy when Scooter talks about dropping the bomb and planting agitators in the protest crowds to stir up violence should be promoted every time ANYONE wants to put out how terrible of a human being he is.

    "David Koch" pranks Walker: Part 1

    "David Koch" pranks Walker: Part 2

    There is no way that RTW ISN'T on Scotty's Christmas wish list.  Anything we can think of as a worst nightmare, they'll bring to the floor in the next two years.  Fuckers.

    •  I hate them (2+ / 0-)
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      badscience, Wisco Wherls

      Tempering my bliss on Election Night was the knowledge that the Dementors were lurking...sure enough, the stupid stupid people of WI ALSO put the Rethuglicans in complete control here.
      I'm sorry but I simply don't understand what they were thinking. Have the results of Walker's "reforms" been so wonderful??? Not from what we see in the education trenches, not where taxes are concerned (OURS went UP), not where jobs are concerned. I thought I read recently WI was the only state to LOSE jobs or something like that.)
      My husband and I have already decided that, when/ if he retires in 5 years (I'm 12 years younger but out of the job market after years of primary caretaking duties for his and my mother, who died recently) we are out of Wisconsin, where we both have lived most of our lives.
      This is gutwrenching as we love this state and our property, which has been in my husband's family for almost 60 years.
      But we have no family left here now and this state feels like a lost cause to me.
      I KNOW there's gotta be a long game and I hope/believe that there can and will be a successful pushback, but it's too late for us. Gotta head out east, probably, not too far north, not too close to floodable waters, maybe Virginia if someone like McAuliffe can get elected and vaginal probes can be overturned.
      Anyways, thanks for letting me rant :(  Godspeed to our dear neighbor, land of Wolverines and Yoopers!!

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