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  •  More things Meshal said, and achieved (6+ / 0-)

    Visiting Gaza, Meshal's pronouncements went far beyond the language quoted in the diary:

    Mr. Meshal said the Jewish state would be wiped away through “resistance,” or military action. “The state will come from resistance, not negotiation,” he said. “Liberation first, then statehood.”

    His voice rising to a shout, Mr. Meshal said: “Palestine is ours from the river to the sea and from the south to the north. There will be no concession on any inch of the land.” He vowed that all Palestinian refugees and their descendants would one day return to their original homes in what is now Israel.

    He also promised Palestinian prisoners held in Israel that they would be freed using the same methods that had worked in the past — the kidnapping of Israelis and Israeli soldiers, ...

    Meshal spoke on December 8. It is amazing that this is the first diary to mention it. In fact, at least 48 hours went by without a single mention of Palestine in a diary here, perhaps a Daily Kos record.

    I don't know what Meshal was trying to achieve, but I'm pretty sure of two things he accomplished:

    1. Helping Netanyahu in the upcoming elections.  Maybe the two of them have a pact to stay in power via reciprocal bogeymanship.

    2. Casting a strange pall over the I/P discussion here. People who throng to a diary about the behavior of Orthodox men on Jerusalem buses don't seem to have anything to say about Meshal's rejection of negotiation or compromise and his advocacy of violent militarism to achieve maximalist goals. As one who hopes to find at least a shred of balance and reality-based discussion here, the reaction- actually lack of reaction - was pretty disappointing.

    I believe that all the people in the region desperately need leaders who can find a path to peace. Despite the assurances I have read here that, for example, the Hamas Charter no longer expresses Hamas policy, it seems clear that Meshal is not such a leader.

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