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View Diary: D'var Torah: Miketz & Chanukah, Part I (16 comments)

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  •  We had a Chanukah party (4+ / 0-)
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    SchuyH, Navy Vet Terp, slksfca, mayim

    at my shul last night, with a latke dinner (only who on earth doesn't put onions in their latkes?), musical Maariv service, and holiday songs, with our little group playing and singing along. Fun.

    I agree about Joseph. I don't at all think he was testing his brothers to see if they had changed like the rabbis said. I think he ended up with the change, at least in Judah, changing him. Oops, that's next week. Or unfreezing him. Everything he does is exceedingly cruel. Would he really have kept Benjamin with him?

    I think the putting of the money in their bags was simply meant so his father would not be paying him for food, but all the rest is cruel to Jacob as well as the brothers.

    This is an interesting drosh, NVT.  Thank-you.

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