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  •  It bugs the heck out of me when people (1+ / 0-)
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    are incredulous about things in other peoples' lives simply because they don't experience themselves.  It blows me away all of the people, for example, who don't think that restless leg (which I have occasionally, as does my younger sister) is real, that I'm just "making it up" or something, that it's some conspiracy by the pharmaceutical industry to sell drugs (sorry, I had it long before there were any drugs on the market, and I don't take any drugs for it).  There are whole threads on the net of people making fun of the concept of restless leg syndrome.  It's not damned funny when you're the one who spends hours awake when you're exhausted because your limbs feel like that feeling when you've been sitting for hours on a plane and you just need to get up, times 100, without it going away immediately when you actually do get up.

    Thankfully, I only get it rarely.  My little sister gets it a lot more often than me.

    Another thing I've gotten (thankfully only occasionally) that I've had people incredulous about is paralysis during sex.  I'm not talking about something emotional or anything like that, but literal "can't move my extremities" paralysis.  Starts in the fingers and spreads until my hands are locked in a crab-claw shape, then goes up the arms.  Not sure how far it could go, I've always stopped when the tingling that precedes it starts to get to my abdomen.  A doctor that I talked to thinks that in some situations I breathe too much which lowers my blood CO2 below normal, making my blood too basic and preventing it from carrying oxygen right (hyperventilation tetany).

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