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View Diary: Michigan attempt to stifle labor puts politics ahead of people (24 comments)

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  •  Actually, "politics" is a euphemism. (0+ / 0-)

    "Politics" comes from polis -- i.e. the people. However, instead of being a simple reference to the populace and their interests, "politics" in the modern world is actually a stand-in for power. The issue we are facing is that legislative bodies, which are supposed to represent the interests of the electorate and to manage our public assets and resources, increasingly prefer to exert power over the electorate and utilize their access to resources as a threat to enforce compliance. Doling some of our resources out to industrialists and having them do the rationing makes it possible for legislators to maintain the fiction that they have nothing to do with anything at all.
    The punitive measures to which they are now resorting to attack women and workers and migrants directly are a sign of desperation. Ditto for corporate CEOs making overt threat. Those are a sign that corporate enterprise is no longer willing to be a silent participant in the deception.
    How did we get to legislative power mavens? They were always there. We just didn't notice until the information age exposed them.
    Remember when states gave away railroad rights of way extending a mile on either side of the track? Not only was that before your time; it was not noteworthy at the time. That's what legislators were mostly about --doling out property rights. People insisting on human rights were always a minor nuisance and sort of an after-thought even in the Civil War. Then, even if individuals couldn't own other human beings, at least the state could. After all, that's what state's rights are about -- the ability to make life and death decisions and dispose of people (send them off to war) as the state sees fit. Life and death are a pair. If women can decide who lives, then the state deciding who dies isn't worth much, is it?
    Abortion and capital punishment aren't about the victims. They're about the power of the state and the people who run it.
    Anyway, it ain't politics; it's power our legislative bodies are clinging to. That's a dicey ambition when you're an incompetent and all you've got is the gift of gab.

    We organize governments to deliver services and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Wed Dec 12, 2012 at 06:21:30 AM PST

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    •  Was this lecture intended for this 57 y/o active (0+ / 0-)

      Dem since 1976?

      How sweet.... ;-)

      "There's no ideology [t]here [on the right]. It's just about being a dick." Bill Maher, June 22, 2012.

      by caseynm on Wed Dec 12, 2012 at 12:09:32 PM PST

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