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    While gerrymandering was of course an issue, nonpartisan maps in Kentucky, Tennessee,  and Missouri wouldn't have netted us any more seats this year.  You'd need to divide the Democratic urban bases up to make more Democratic seats, and that's something you can only do with a gerrymander.  I'm not sure that gerrymandering cost us any seats in Wisconsin either.  Yeah, Ribble and Duffy got better seats, but they also won by wide margins.  

    Pennsylvania, Ohio, and North Carolina were the devastating states for us.  Michigan, Indiana, Georgia, and Virginia probably cost us only one seat a piece.  Texas and Florida are black boxes - we have no way of telling how good they could have been, given the Republicans decided to triage and throw us some districts.  But insofar as we gained seats in both states, they weren't net losses.  

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