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  •  Michigan apathy (0+ / 0-)

    The issue of why Michigan retired auto workers voted against their own interest in 10 (or didn't bother to vote at all) and installed a totally GOP legislature is extremely complex, but the vast amount of money poured into the state by the Kochs has to be acknowledged. You have to believe that this fiasco is a "consolation prize" to the Kochs and Adelson for losing the election last month.

    And part of the blame has to go to the Democrats in Michigan, who refused to participate in the recall effort (allegedly because a deal had been cut to avoid the sort of legislation passed yesterday.) Michigan Democrats have not only been apathetic but inbred and uncreative in selecting candidates. It requires real creativity to get an Al Franken or Ashley Judd who can capture the imagination of low information voters.

    It also requires civics education. That's right below logical reasoning in the Tea Party curriculum. Knowing the state election right after the census is key requires a little book learnin'

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