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View Diary: Radical feminist Colin Powell calls on Congress to stand up for servicewomen's health care (34 comments)

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    I also found military physicians also protesting the use of Military Medical for abortion services.
    In their own words.

    And the point of the post: Military Chaplains and service women's reproductive self determination.

    It's old but pertinent.

    The military hands birth control out like it's candy. So given the extreme agenda pushed by some religious groups, that equate birth control with abortion,  it certainly makes me wonder how this is affecting rape and sexual harassment cases now, since chaplains are often the go-to person before formal action is taken on some matters.

    When you have a problem, any kind of problem, and you are not ready to or wanting to take formal action, sometimes people see the chaplain for advice. What kind of advice are they handing out regarding these matters?

    And is influence still be peddled via chaplains, through their ecclesiastical endorsing agents that represent various churches.

    Maybe it isn't an issue, but past experience + past news stories will always make me wonder.

    •  That makes me sad. (1+ / 0-)
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      The reasoned approach to Christianity I got from many of these military base chapels is what led me, ironically enough, to Atheism and liberalism. I always figured they were better than that.

      Is this just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better?

      by ConfusedSkyes on Tue Dec 11, 2012 at 04:42:26 PM PST

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      •  My sons first tour of Afghanistan (6+ / 0-)

        The Chaplin and his assistant hounded him. I don't believe in churches, end of argument. Organised religion is 95% of everyone's problem.  My son ended up spending Sunday with the wiccans (we have much in common with Druids). The assistant kept telling him it was a shame such an intelligent young man was choosing to be damned to hell. We feel differently, but that was nothing to the Chaplin who insisted on trying to 'save' him. They told him he HAD to practice a religion on Sunday, he explained being a Druid he had the right to meditate under a tree. They had to respect it and leave him to it.

        "And while it was regarded as pretty good evidence of criminality to be living in a slum, for some reason owning a whole street of them merely got you invited to the very best social occasions."

        by Shippo1776 on Tue Dec 11, 2012 at 04:58:15 PM PST

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        •  That is in violation of the regs. (1+ / 0-)
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          No one has to practice any religion at all, much less on a Sunday. Not every religion, even those of the book observe the sabbath on the same day of the week. Just ask a Jewish person or a Muslim.

          That chaplain was ignorant and full of crap.

          Start with DoD regs 1300.17

          3.1 A Basic Principle of our nation is the free exercise of religion. The Department of Defense places a high value on the rights of members of the Armed Forces to observe the tenets of their respective religions. It is DoD policy that requests for accommodation of religious practices should be approved by commanders when accommodation will not have and adverse impact on military readiness, unit cohesion, standards or discipline.

          Note the use of the plural--Religion[s] and the word, "Accommodation." Emphasis Mine.

          3.2.1 Worship services and holy days and Sabbath services should be accommodation except when precluded by military necessity.

          There is a lot more to this. It doesn't mention Atheism specifically, but accommodation is accommodation.
          The regs don't outlaw Atheism either.

          You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the entire doctument.

          Atheism is also "recognized" by the VA and has it's own headstone insignia. Just so you know. I realize this is OT for the exact topic, but, I thought you could use the information for future references.

          There are more regulations that also detail a Chaplain's duties as well, just so you know those exist too.

          •  Accommodated--oops. (1+ / 0-)
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            3.2.1. Worship services and holy days and Sabbath services should be accommodated except when precluded by military necessity.

            Sometimes different days cannot be had, it's true. But accommodation allows that people are not expected to attend chapel services in a religion that is not their own.

            I mean that is why, in addition to Chaplains, and Auxiliary Chaplains, we also have Lay Leaders, and Lay Readers.

            You adult-child could if they chose, become a Lay Leader for an Atheist Group and that would be covered under accommodation. Bible Club discuss bible passages and biblical history and archeology, an Atheist club would just have more material to draw upon the realms of science and skepticism, ect., and so on.

            •  This is where we hit a snag. (1+ / 0-)
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              We aren't athiest, we just despise organised religion. Everyone has the right to choose their own path, it can't be legislated. We are simply open to freedom of spirituality of all kinds, we love discussing other beliefs, we learn lots. Believe in reincarnation? Cool, how does that work? Buddhist? Let me know about it, I'd love to hear. Wiccan? Wow, let's talk! We feel faith is personal, it belongs to you and no one can tell you you are doing it wrong. You do not have the right to impose your belief system on anyone else. Be athiest or Jewish or Islamic, BUT...that is your choice. You may NOT force others to live by your theology. We really believe in religious freedom which, yes, means freedom from religion if you so choose. The Chaplin disagreed. So, reading under a tree became a refuge FROM religion. Regs or not, they would not stop until we came up with this one (evangelical Chaplin). And yes, we knew more about his religion than he did. They are there to push an agenda, whether you want it or not. This is why they feel free to oppress women, it's forcing their religiously biased bullshit.

              "And while it was regarded as pretty good evidence of criminality to be living in a slum, for some reason owning a whole street of them merely got you invited to the very best social occasions."

              by Shippo1776 on Wed Dec 12, 2012 at 12:46:26 PM PST

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      •  Some are, some aren't. What we are dealing with (0+ / 0-)

        are some Chaplains acting as proxies for large religious organizations who want to impose their agenda on military culture.

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