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View Diary: Capuano, Tierney join 500+ to Rally Against Fiscal Cliff Cuts (7 comments)

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  •  There is much thought as to that exact topic. (2+ / 0-)
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    democrattotheend, CuriousBoston

    It's clear that IF Kerry goes to State that Scotty will run for his seat. I think that Mike would make a good senator and I could only hope that we would be smart enough to kick Brown down a second time. This would prpbably kick him out of politics and any thoughts of running for govenor...I get a little queasy at the very thought of his running the commonwealth.

    •  I just don't understand why people are so scared (2+ / 0-)

      of Scott Brown being able to run for Kerry's seat. I am not from MA (well, I am originally, but we moved when I was 2), so you probably know better than I do, but I just don't understand how in a state with a Democratic governor, lieutenant governor, and 10 Democratic House reps, there is nobody who could beat Scott Brown.

      •  Scotty has been very canny in hiding (2+ / 0-)

        his true self behind the venner of being 'independent' and 'bipartisan' neither of which he is. He has made politically expedient votes because he was faced with Elizabeth and had to look, well, moderate and many people believed this baloney. In addition Massachusetts had a bumper crop of 'independent' (Repub) voters as I found when friends made calls to certain neighborhoods. His true self energed in debates but if he ran the same adds next time around there would still be a lot of folks that may fall for it...he also has the advantage of early name recignition that would be of enormous halp to him. He's a creep but, a still popular creep here to our everlasting shame. I believe that Mike Capuano wouldn't take any of his crap in debates. I also hope that this is all idle speculation.

      •  Because (2+ / 0-)
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        CuriousBoston, Massconfusion

        In addition to what Massconfusion said, Brown's record in beating Democrats in special elections is currently 1-0.  Add to that the fact that his next challenger will not have nationally-recognized star power and I believe there are legitimate grounds for concern.

        That's not to say Brown is a shoe-in, but it is insane to dismiss him the way some people here have done.  This guy has proven he can win an election in Mass., and with many Dem voters already slipping back into their comfy slumbers for the next 4 years, we should not be playing dangerous games with what should be safe D seats.  

        Obviously if Kerry insists on leaving there's not much anyone can do, but we shouldn't be encouraging it.

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