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    •  THAT would actually be FBI/DOJ figures. (3+ / 0-)
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      Interesting footnotes, due to this:  Illinois2, 3 ............(NA)

      2 Limited data for 2008 and 2009 were available for Illinois. 3 The data collection methodology for the offense of forcible rape used by the Illinois and the Minnesota state Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Programs (with the exception of Rockford, Illinois, and Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota) does not comply with national UCR guidelines. Consequently, their state figures for forcible rape and violent crime (of which forcible rape is a part) are not published in this table.
      What that tells me?  "We don't want you to know."

      New York for years employed this, "our figures don't match your categories and methods" as it fucks-up tourism when you report figures that make you think it's damn likely to experience a personal crime when visiting the city.
      Pickpocketing.  Purchasing fraudulent goods - no, really it's a Rolex® and a Coach® bag all for one low price.  Purse snatching.  Items stolen from your hotel room.  Rape.  Assault.  $100 five mile loop cab fares, as you won't know Madison Ave is 4 blocks east of Central Park West, a/k/a 8th Ave..  Stabbings, shootings, and yes - murder.

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