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    If someone has the option to join a union, but declines, it is because they do not feel that the benefits received by virtue of their membership outweigh the costs. Thus, any law that requires them to join anyway is harmful to them.
    The current union model of glorified trade guilds and center-left political lobbies has failed their missions.  Unions, for the most part, have been riding the glories of the past, reducing themselves to glorified trade guilds and center-left political lobbies that consistently play into the hands of their political and economic enemies.

    From what I understand, the Red Scare exiled the socialist and anarchist elements, removing most of the militant, proactive and energetic leadership. The Taft-Hartley act severely limited any remaining leverage unions had. The elimination of secondary strikes, imposed by the Sherman Act, makes it virtually impossible to challenge horizontally integrated businesses.

    Unions, first need to grow their ranks and supply the members and dues to fight an ever-growing corporate plutocracy. Perhaps, unions should return to representing broad categories of workers, regardless of industry. Members equal money and bodies.
    Once again, unions should be flexible and easy to join with minimum bureaucracy. Creating or managing a small union shouldn't require anything more than a web site, a PayPal account and a labor attorney on retainer.

    Unions should challenge Congress for the right to organize and strike anywhere, at any time and in any industry. In other words the Sherman Act must should be modified and the Taft-Hartley Act be annulled.  A corporation doesn't authorization to perform executive actions in their interest and Unions shouldn't need authorization either. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

    The desired result is a union that is muscular and flexible, fully capable of subverting anti-union tactics. If existing union members can quietly enter a workplace in sufficient numbers, and wage a strike once sufficient numbers, the entire  'Right To Work' concept can be turned on its head.

    Finally, unions need to either get better PR or become more militant. Some strike situations call for dressing the part and look sharp. Other strike situations call for massive civil disobedience. Throwing on a shirt and shuffling in line is neither going convince many union skeptic workers to take them seriously enough to join.

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