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View Diary: What's the Deal With Unions Anyway? (103 comments)

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  •  Great Post UnionMade - And So True!! Workers (6+ / 0-)

    today take for granted so many things that unions fought for many years ago, like the 40 hour work week, and overtime pay, and paid holidays, etc. Those same clueless workers also (foolishly) believe that if unions went away, benevolent employers would just continue to offer all those things!! In reality, what would happen (and is happening already), is that corporate and business lobbyists would be buying off politicians to elimate workplace rights, allowing EVERY EMPLOYER to get rid of whatever they don't want to pay for: like overtime, and paid holidays, and mandated breaks, etc.  Saying that "unions have outlived their usefulness" is like saying the US Constitution has outlived its usefulness.

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