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  •  cool. my guy has his own shop in the garage with (0+ / 0-)

    a Bridgeport, Fanuc lathe, and all the smaller stuff that goes with it. He made stuff for everything from motorcycle sprockets to space satellite holders. But 2008 killed all the business upstream from us and when we figured out where the money went it took him another ten months to find a shop job. (The goal is to get him back there-the sticking point is the health insurance.)
         So now he could be doing a fantastic job of unscrewing years of mix-n-match paperwork and design changes at the company- the kind of stuff that you really have to know what's going on in the hands-on stuff, but instead all he can do is bring 'em the first piece and say...see? It's not just that he could use the pay and prestige- they want someone younger because they think he will leave them too soon (he's 57) and they just don't see what he's worth when he's wearing a green uniform instead of dockers and an oxford shirt.

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