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View Diary: Open thread for night owls: Unemployment is still the big problem (157 comments)

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    Sarenth, JeffW

    I use to work for the "man" in Calif and each new governor would threaten our wages. I would always say isn't it better we made money because we then turn around and spend it in the state and thus they get taxes back from us? No wages no buying as I use to say to my co-workers.

    Instead state workers were a threat for some unknown reason, more likely a bargaining chip since we were union. Which had nothing to do with what we contributed back through our work or spending...

    So now the Republican politicians are using people to further their political agenda irregardless of what we actually contribute. They like demonizing everyone who isn't in their tax bracket. Instead of realizing as true conservatives that heck, the more we make the more we contribute back...

    But then they wouldn't have that pesky 47% to kick around when running for office. That 47% who mostly would like to be contributing back if they only could...

    So the short of this long is hell yes, employment matters.

    (sorry if this is redundant but really, isn't the other side a bit that way?)

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