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View Diary: Michigan Gov. Snyder signs anti-union bills into law (178 comments)

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  •  I'm sure you didn't mean it that way, but I am SO (9+ / 0-)

    sick of being told that I am only getting what I deserved.  I know you weren't speaking to me personally or any MI kossack in particular, but I AM MICHIGAN.  And I am a Progressive Liberal Democrat, so I sure as hell didn't vote for him and have never voted for a Republican.  I don't deserve this and neither does anyone else I know.  So when I hear "Michigan got what it deserves" I hear blame, undeserved blame for people like myself who are not only engaged and informed, but work hard --usually for free and at our own expense and on our own time and putting ourselves out there for public scrutiny and derision and even outright fallacious attacks (by some claiming to even by on the same side).
    Michigan did not get what it deserves.  Michigan deserves representation and goverment that supports its citizens and supports its workers and treats its people with dignity.  Michigan deserves a governor who is not a liar and a legislature that is not beholden to a handful of greedy sociopathic billionaires.  

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