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View Diary: Governor Rick Snyder has signed the legislation that makes Michigan the 24th Right to Work state (35 comments)

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  •  Agreed. Especially when Snyder told anyone (0+ / 0-)

    with a microphone for a year and a half that it WOULDN'T happen.  But liars lie.  The worst shame, in my view, is that people believed him, even the Free Press/Detroit News and police and UAW auto workers and teachers (and the last three I can vouch for personally, because I've witnessed it firsthand.)  
    For me, lying is not a starting point.  If I know what I'm dealing with I can at least start from there, whether I like it or not.  But if what I'm dealing with is a complete falsehood, there is nowhere to go from a lie.  There is no constructive problem solving, no amount of critical thinking, no possible compromise that can provide honest solutions in the face of a manipulation, and no amount of what Snyder himself calls "relentless positive action" when the person in charge is a liar.  It very much reminds me of dealing with a drug addict deep in the state of denial.    

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