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View Diary: The middle-class tax hike Republicans are arguing for (47 comments)

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    Social Security COLAs should be pegged to the CPI-E that tracks the actual expenditures by the disabled/elderly make with their Social Security check each month.

    The current CPI-U/W COLA doesn't even cover the annual premium hike for Parts A/B/D that recipients pay out of their Social Security benefit. And premium hikes, co-pay hikes & deductible hikes occur every year whether there's a COLA benefit hike or not.

    The Chained CPI must be stopped.

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      From BLS:

      Although the CPI-E generally outpaced the official measures of inflation over the 1983–2011 timeframe, recent trends show different results. From 2006 to 2011, both the all-items CPI-E and the CPI-U rose at an average annual rate of 2.3 percent, while the CPI-W increased 2.4 percent. This turnaround was caused primarily by changes in the relative inflation rates of medical care and shelter, compared with the overall inflation rate. Specifically, the gap between medical care inflation and overall inflation has generally fallen since 2005, and shelter inflation has been rising slightly more slowly than overall inflation over the 2006–2011 period.

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