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  •  Just to get the facts straight. (4.00)
    Those of us who opposed the war are anti American and troops even though we were right on almost every issue.

    Newsweek is anti American and troops because they reported a story that can't and won't be refuted by the people responsible.

    Reporters are anti American and troops because they report the truth on the ground.

    The fighting 101st keyboard brigade loves America and the troops, even though they refuse to pay higher taxes to help pay for armor and care, because they masturbate to every shot of carnage they can find.

    People who drive hummers and Expeditions, which increase our dependancy on foreign oil, love America and the troops because they have those nifty yellow ribbon stickers on their massive cars.

    Republicans in congress love America and the troops, even though they reject almost every amendment for more armor and money for the troops, because they are Republicans.

    President Bush loves the troops, even though he sent them into harms way with knowingly false evidence, because he wears their nifty jackets when he visits their bases.

    I hate America and the troops, even though I fought to keep them out of the war and then sent care packages that were used to comfort wounded soldiers, because I'm a Democrat.

    Am I missing anything?

    •  Your just missing (none)
      one more thing.  Republicans left our troops hanging out to dry in the prison scandal knowing full well they were following orders that came from the white house.

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