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  •  what a truckload of nonsense (none)
    Pure, unadulterated rightwing spin.  

    You think this question isn't "relevant,"  but then you use it as the very basis for your argument -- "scoring cheap political points."  

    And your fellow rightwingers think it's very relevant indeed.  In fact, they use it, relentlessly, to deflect any criticsm of the Bush administration's accountability.

    You and your fellow rightwingers' disgust at Newsweek rings completely hollow. (And you're even dead wrong on the facts -- the story was vetted, by the Pentagon.)

    You've cheerleaded a government that has gotten thousands of our soldiers killed and maimed.  Why?  For cheap political points.  To consoldiate their personal power.  

    Even if one assumes that the Bush adminstration's motives have been pure as the driven snow (and I certainly DO NOT), the complete, reckless incompetence of this adventure alone should have you rightwingers calling for the heads of the civilian leaders who commenced and adminstered this war.  

    But no, for you it's more important that Bush and company are immune to legitimate criticism, than that we actually do right by our soldiers.

    And what about the rightwing's traditional obsession about spending our tax dollars?  Since you don't seem to give a shit that your political leaders are throwing thousands of American and Iraqi lives into a the meat grinder, do you even care that we're spending hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars of American money, and driving this country into unprecedented debt?

    The truth is, you simply don't give a crap about our troops, or the future of this country.  That's the rightwing way.  That's crystal celar after the last few years.  You have no credibility anymore, and your whining about Newsweek proves it.

    You're offended?  Good.  I'm not going to listen to any more rightwing propaganda like yours without hitting you back with the unvarnished truth:  that you're a bunch of liars, and you don't care about this country.

    You rightwingers are always quick to demand accountability, but you don't believe you or your political bosses should be subject to ANY yourself.  It's hypocritical, to say the very least.  And traitorous.

    You rightwingers are the new Stalinists:

    Everything must benefit the One Party.  

    Everything must benefit the One Leader.

    In your blind devotion to Bush and the Republican party, you're happy to destroy lives.  You're happy to trash the country.  

    You're completely anti-American, and history will judge you harshly.

    •  Newsweek never got an on record answer (none)
      "You and your fellow rightwingers' disgust at Newsweek rings completely hollow. (And you're even dead wrong on the facts -- the story was vetted, by the Pentagon.)"

      It was not vetted by the Pentagon.
      It was vetted by an anonymous source who was a "senior official".

      Newsweek never asked the spokesperson the simple question, which is just basic journalism.  I can't remember the saying, but it goes something like this:  "if your mother tells you that she's having a good day, find a second source".


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