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  •  They were just allegations (none)
    The difference is that the Red Cross reported these as allegations.

    Newsweek said it happened, and that it was confirmed by a Pentagon report.

    There's a big difference between "according to prisoners" and "according to the Pentagon".

    Get it?


    •  I get it (none)
      But apparently the difference a little too subtle for some, John.
      •  Aren't they cute (none)
        when they huddle for warmth?  

        Poor little things!  

        •  and by "they" you mean "him" (none)
          In Advanced Trolling 201 they have a special class devoted to maintaining multiple personalities on the same website so as to convince the enemy that troll numbers are higher than they appear.

          Republicans are the party that says government doesn't work, and then they get elected and prove it.

          by David J on Wed May 25, 2005 at 11:50:13 AM PDT

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          •  Can't prove that... (none)
            without IP address information, but the whole 'me too' syndrome is a sign
            •  Then... you're a troll??? (none)
              Oh brother.
              If "Agreeing with someone" is a sign of being a troll, then there are hundreds of Democratic trolls on here.

              Let me help you out.  If you want to find a troll, start by looking at their sign up date.  If they just registered, its more likely a troll.

              If there are two different sign-up dates, its probably not the same person.

              If the person entered a bio, its most likely not a troll.  (Its not that trolls can't fake that info.  Its that their too lazy to do it.  A bio doesn't get a reaction.)

              Oh, and trolls don't have a point.  I do.  One which you keep on ignoring.


    •  Oh we get you just fine (none)
      The Pentagon must be right and the "prisoners" must be wrong because, well just because.  

      Never mind that the humiliation of prisoners has been the MO for some time now, and that trashing scripture is part of SERE training.  

      No, never mind at all.  

      •  Newsweek's article is the subject (none)
        "The Pentagon must be right and the "prisoners" must be wrong because, well just because. "

        Actually, I was talking about whether Newsweek was right or wrong.  Newsweek said that the allegations were confirmed that a Qu'ran was flushed down a toilet.

        Now as far as whether I should believe the Pentagon or the POW's (which for some strange reason you wanted to put into quotes);  The Pentagon lets the Red Cross visit the prisoners, and investigates various allegations of abuse.  Its practically a POW's job to allege that they were mistreated.  These guys were, after all, trying to kill our guys.

        And I'm not saying that we should ignore the allegations of abuse by the prisoners.  I'm just saying we shouldn't believe the prisoners first, as you have.


    •  here's something subtle for you: (none)
      Why do you rightwingers find it so impossible to believe that an operation that taunted prisoners with scantily-dressed women smearing fake menstrual blood on prisoners, couldn't possibly mistreat a Koran?  

      Not to mention the many other grievous tortures and murders committed against prisoners...many of whom are certainly not gulity, many of whom are underaged, and none of whom have had an actual trial.  

      ...All this, even though it robs our ACTUAL fight against Islamic terrorists of moral and legal authority, and puts our troops in much more danger, why do you two need to jump up and down, ditto-heading the Newsweek story and trying like hell to spin it?

      Answer:  because you'll do or say anything to serve Bush and the GOP.   You have no sense of morality, or honesty -- you just want to keep your party in power.  You're pro-GOP, but anti-American,

      I'm not defending Newsweek.  Hell no. I think they did everything here almost exactly wrong, and I say screw them for being sloppy in the first place, and then over-apologizing and groveling to the likes of chief propagandist Scott McClellan.  

      But your rush to make a big hairy deal out of the Newsweek situation, despite the fact that both our military AND Hamad Karzai has discredited the "Newsweek caused people to die" propaganda, shows that you have no credibility.  And no deceny.

      You harp on the micro-details of the Newsweek thing, frothing at the mouth, desperate to sell the idea that this Koran incident is somehow IMPOSSIBLE to believe...And yet torture, and murder, and sexual abuse, and humiliation is already very well-documented.  We all know that, you know that, and the whole world knows that.

      And the buck stops with YOUR leader.  With YOUR party.  They authorized all of the above, explicitly, specifically.  

      So spare me your phoney outrage.  It's a crock, coming from rightwing propagandists who are happy to see American lives, treasure, and prestige WASTED to benefit your party.  You're the new Stalinists.

      Oh, and before you whine about "civility" -- it's absolutely meaningless coming from you, since you're allies of Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Tom DeLay, James Dobson, Bill Frist, Rick Santorum, Bill O'Reilly, and on and on and on, ad nauseum...

      •  I think our troll friends (none)
        went away.  I posted him good ;)  So did you guys ;!

        "You can't awaken a man who pretends to be asleep."-Navajo saying.

        by quartzite on Wed May 25, 2005 at 02:38:59 PM PDT

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