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  •  Like there aren't any vets who are anti-military?? (none)
    "Kos is a vet, a point which he repeated makes.  So are many, many of the posters here.  That makes your comment totally ridiculous."

    Because there aren't any vets who are anti-military?  Gimme a break!
    The most anti-miliary person that I've ever met was a good friend of mine who entered the military at the age of 19.  He hated it.  Hated it with a passion.  I've never heard anyone speak more ill of the military then him.
    What's your point?

    "By the way, are you??"

    I realized at a very early age that I couldn't go into a job where I was legally obligated to do what my boss told me to do.

    Now are we going to officially restrict this thread to people [i]who have served[/i]???

    If only those who have served can comment on the military, then the majority of journalists cannot comment.


    •  The Army needs you (none)
      Step away from the Keyboard, Member of the 101st fighting (elite) type unit.

      Unless ya know, you've got a pilonidal cyst like Rush did.  Or "better things to do" like Cheney....

      "You can't awaken a man who pretends to be asleep."-Navajo saying.

      by quartzite on Wed May 25, 2005 at 02:41:54 PM PDT

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