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  •  Newsweek said flushed down a toilet. (none)
    "It wasn't flushed, it was thrown in a @#% bucket."

    First, that's assuming that what the prisoners said was right.
    Second, you didn't read the Newsweek retraction that explains how it may be a result of a prisoner who threw pages into his own toilet.

    And most importantly, third, Newsweek said that it was flushed down a toilet.

    Here is one quote, and I'm sure you can find many more referring specifically to what Newsweek said:
    "May 30 issue - After the riots in Afghanistan and Pakistan; after NEWSWEEK's retraction last week of a May 9 Periscope item that said a U.S. military report would include an account of Guantanamo Bay interrogators' trying to flush a Qur'an down the toilet;"


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