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  •  Amazing! (6+ / 0-)

    You're so lucky you get to see these Pileateds so often, and so close to your house. I've only ever seen Pileateds twice in my life, but the first time was an incredible sighting.

    My ex and I were at Glacier National Park. We'd taken a boat across the lake and were hiking on the opposite shore. As we rounded a curve on the trail, what we initially thought was a wild turkey because of its huge bulk flew across our path. It landed on the trunk of the giant tree right in front of us, then proceeded to make its way up to a hole, where a baby stuck its head out to feed. It was the most incredible first sighting ever!

    I have a photo of it and wish I could post it, but it was taken with a film camera and is buried in a box with all my other old photos. This makes me realize that I need to go through those old pics and scan the best of them so they're more accessible!

    •  I thank my lucky stars regularly that (4+ / 0-)

      Pileateds come to visit us here. We are definitely very lucky to have them.

      That was a great first encounter with Pileateds! To this day I've never seen them at a nest sight feeding their youngsters. I keep hoping to see that some day.  

      I hope you scan off that photo someday. I'd love to see it!

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