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View Diary: What They Really Want - Right to Rule not Right to Work (54 comments)

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  •  I sheepishly agree with you. (9+ / 0-)

    I live in an isolated area where the majority of the jobs are in the oilfields. The culture here is very redneck and hostile. I see what you describe daily as I work for an electrical contractor. My husband and I moved here from Denver to open a business. During the years we had our business I noticed that the good kids moved away as soon as they could and the losers stayed. Our town is filled with under educated thugs which of course proudly display the stars and bars as a banner of pride among the native people to intimidate. Ugh, some days I want to leave.

    •  Sorry about your situation. That's one big reason (4+ / 0-)

      I rent: I can leave when the situation requires it. Of course, living in other folks' houses has its drawbacks, e.g. the fired squid my Chinese-American landlord lives on. He's obviously not concerned about selling the place.

      My parents prized education, as do I, and the love of learning has never left me. I love knowing what I know, desire to be smarter, and cannot comprehend why others don't feel the same way. Embarrassment? Intimidation? I had an interview years ago with someone who seemed frighteningly smart. I may have been just the slightest bit intimidated, but rather than feeling inferior, I was more envious than anything else. Not for me the attitude of "Ohhhh, he's so smart, and I'm not! I don't want anything to do with smart people!" Why do I suspect that many really do feel that way?

      To be sure, there were delinquents in my high school class, who wanted nothing more after graduation than to drink beer and hang out with their buddies. Wonder how that worked out, 30 years later? In the movies, one or two of them would have become mercs or Internet millionaires.

      •  I think it is a multitude of reasons. (1+ / 0-)
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        One I think is a lack of curiosity, laziness and substance abuse. Yes, I too think that some of their distaine of intellect is inimidation and inferiority.

        My boss refuses to work on improving his non trade skill set as it would require a commitment to attending classes. I have tried over the years to help him become a better business owner by taking management and technical seminars. No does not want to invest time for that. Too many people just don't want to stretch what they know if it takes work.

        •  In a long-ago conversation with a then friend, I (1+ / 0-)
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          (who was living in a jerkwater city in upstate NY) wondered why more folks didn't take advantage of all that Boston (where he lived) had to offer. "Some people are just tired," he said, and while I didn't understand that when a whippersnapper, I do now.

          I spend long hours at work and don't want to do more computer programming when I get home, but all I hear is that I'd better if I want to stay employed. I know it's true; my job would have been sent to India a long time ago if it didn't require a clearance, but expanding my skill set isn't really a choice. It's a necessity....but yeah, I'm pooped when I get home. And the sheer amoutn of time it takes to go somewhere, find parking, etc. is beginning to put a damper on my extracurricular activities. So I have at least some sympathy for the too-tired set.

          •  I agree with you that exhaustion is limiting. (2+ / 0-)
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            a2nite, Eyesbright

            With my boss though it isn't so much that as he finds time to do all sorts of social things after work. He is single so does not have any family obligations. To me someone that has invested time and effort into starting a business that is kept running by a fluke should invest time into learning the skill of running a business.

            I have been told by many people that if it were not for me he would not be in business which I whole heartedly agree or at least someone like me. I have 30 yrs experience of working in business operations from small to large companies and an undergraduate degree in business mgt. I have struggled to make him become more structured and organized so that we could build a better foundation for us in the long run. Right now we have an organization that runs itself and sometimes not very well because the owner does not know how to.

      •  Fired squid? (0+ / 0-)

        I had to do a search for that.

        Must mean fried squid and I actually like that.

        •  Well, if the squid's boss wasn't happy with its (0+ / 0-)


          It's actually dried squid that he "toasts," and not with vodka. I like squid, too, but not when the odor gets into my room and onto everything.

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