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View Diary: What They Really Want - Right to Rule not Right to Work (54 comments)

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    It's important to understand the people who oppose you instead of caricaturing them as suburban know nothings and racists.
    Know thine enemy.  
    This single-minded simplistic view is even more bitter, in my opinion, when it comes from someone claiming to be on the same side of an issue.  It sounds like "This is all your fault.  You have noone to blame but yourself.  I blame you.  No matter how hard you tried it wasn't good enough, no matter what you did it has no value.  Now--do more of it or I will blame you some more."
    Sugiju, very well written diary.  Please continue.  Your words and your thought process sound very much to me like you have a background in Liberal Arts.  Your pragmatic viewpoint tells me that at some point you were taught how to actually think, how to look at an issue, question the widely accepted ideas regarding it, form your own conclusions.
    More please.

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