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  •  Well said. (9+ / 0-)

    And at heart they are mostly all logically sound.

    Unfortunately one fault of the new left, the what I would term overly pragmatic, or adult, or technical, even sometimes academic ( which was my lifetime professional role) have tried to move the people in their advocacy without the emotional appeal.  There has to be a "reasonable" balance among the two in order to achieve success in thinking, or writing, or speaking if the result is to have impact to action or change.  The most successful writers often achieve the emotional impetus very subtly, but it requires skill and intention.

    I feel compelled to comment because it was one of my great epipanies in life, personally and professionally, when I realized that facts were the bedrock for meaning but alone they were without meaning; it was how they were used to create meaning that had the most value.

    Much of our difficulty and confusion today is caused by the  introduction of falsified or invented facts into the discourse by those whose goals are to create confusion and discord to prevent solutions and progress on an unprecented scale in modern society.

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