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  •  Care to run for office yourself? (1+ / 0-)
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    Clearly, ballot initiatives and recalls waste resources and haven't worked over the last 2 years.

    You are right - we need more and better Democratic candidates.  There should NEVER be an unopposed Republican on the ballot in Michigan - anywhere.  Until we stand up and take our place on the ballot we have no chance at governing.

    •  They do not waste resources! (0+ / 0-)

      The problem is we always focus on one day every two years. Circulating a petition requires conversation--something that progressives tend to avoid in Northern Michigan. That's the problem.

      I live in MI 1 and spent many hours on the phone for a good candidate, who ended up losing by a few hundred votes after a massive infusion of Koch Kash at the last minute. I do not regret a minute of my conversations or consider them "wasted resources."

      Right now the propeganda machines are cranking; this is going to be good for jobs! Now, jobs will increase. It's inevitable. And then Snyder will take the credit. It's vital to get out there now--not two years from now--to explain why this is not just bad for Michigan but evil for the middle class.

      •  I agree with you (0+ / 0-)

        You spent hours working for a candidate - YES!  I ran for local office this year and could not have done it without literally hundreds of hours donated by supporters, many of whom I had never met before.  I lost, but I am more determined than ever to get a seat in government and start chipping away at these destructive people.

        Our track record with ballot initiatives is not very successful.  I was frustrated when labor leaders couldn't agree on which proposals to support or not (except for Prop 2) in the past election.  The recall Snyder efforts earlier did nothing but make the Republicans stronger.

        The Republicans have concentrated on filling the seats of government, and then holding them in any way possible, including voter suppression, gerrymandering, and in the case of Jase Bolger, running phony candidates as Democrats.

        We must get Democrats in office.  I'm not kidding when I ask people to run for office.  Get on the library board, the city council, the county commission, and start making noise.

        •  Frustrated as well (0+ / 0-)

          While my husband and I can read, we were looking for some good, authoritative recommendations because sometimes the initiatives have unintended consequences. (Still not sure about the bridge thing.) It was frustrating not to be able to get consensus on most, and an ad campaign that said: "Just vote no on everything" seems to have worked.

          •  The bridge- saw this sign in Lansing yesterday (0+ / 0-)

            You Burned the Bridge.  

            I supported the bridge for a couple of reasons.  

            1. We need to look at progress, and future infrastructure.  We could leverage Canada's contribution to obtain billions in federal highway dollars for the entire state.  
            2. I object that Matty Maroun, the billionaire who owns the biggest icon of blight in Detroit (the Central Train Depot) has a monopoly with the Ambassador Bridge.  Granholm initiated this proposal with the Obama administration.  It's good for Michigan, IMHO, and it was the one thing I agreed with Snyder on.  

            I didn't understand why the unions didn't support the bridge- it would have created thousands of jobs.  It looked like a back room deal was made.

            I will not support the bridge until Snyder is out of office.  

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