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View Diary: Every Republican is a scab for the Oligarchy (74 comments)

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  •  Exactly. "Look over there!" (3+ / 0-)
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    "The brown person is taking your job"
    "The black person has destroyed your neighborhood"
    "The welfare queen is taking your tax money"

    In the south, the poor whites are sometimes the most racist, because having at least one person lower than they, in status or income, is a threat to that lower person trying to climb up over their back.

    While the poor whites hate the poorer blacks, the rich get wealthier off keeping both of them poor.

    "Privatize to Profitize" explains every single Republican economic, social and governing philosophy. Take every taxpayer dollar from defense, education, health care, public lands, retirement - privatize it, and profit from it.

    by mumtaznepal on Wed Dec 12, 2012 at 02:11:13 PM PST

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