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  •  You Can't REALLY Rile People Up (0+ / 0-)

    Unless you reduce everything to ones and zeroes. If you lower the sampling rate on the AD and DA converters it's works even better.

    For instance:

    You wanna know where our jobs went. Look at Mitt Romney. You voted for him, dumbass. Those jobs went overseas, where Mitt Romney keeps his money

    Really Jesse? I can point to any number of Democrats who shipped a whole lot more jobs overseas than Mitt Romney ever did. But I get it ... we don't like to talk about that ... do we Jesse. Because we don't want to get our hands dirty with introspection -- binary thinking is so much easier. Barack Obama just signed NAFTA style 'free trade' deals with Colombia, North Korea, and Panama. What's the average daily wage in Colombia Jesse? Barack Obama is currently working on the TPP Jesse, how many good paying U.S. jobs do you think the TPP is going to create?

    Tricking white people into blaming brown people

    Or trick the average Democrat into blaming the average Republican, what's the difference?

    Here's a clue Jesse. The National Home Ownership Strategy, which bears much of the responsibility for the housing bubble, was not a Republican idea, it was a Democratic idea. It just so happened it also fit into George Bush's 'Ownership Society' to boot.

    hannah writes in yet another one of Markos' diaries on 'immigration' wherein he doesn't use the term 'NAFTA'

    What Republicans value and what they are (1+ / 0-)
    able to achieve are often two different things. However, if one is a person who believes that the intent is all that counts, then results are not important.

    Well then hannah, how did the National Home Ownership Strategy work out or for that matter, NAFTA, since Jesse seems to think that Mitt Romney is responsible for the offshoring of jobs, how did NAFTA work out hannah?

    My little brother is a Republican, and I don't consider him a 'scab' for anybody.

    I won't be coming home tonight, my generation will put it right - Genesis 9:3

    by superscalar on Wed Dec 12, 2012 at 02:35:17 PM PST

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