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View Diary: Normalizing Gun Violence In Our Society (806 comments)

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  •  Great comment (9+ / 0-)

    This truth is how I think gun ownership will be restricted.  Sooner or later another major corporate interest will lead the push back against gun ownership.  The insurance industry!

    If insurance companies start having to pay big settlements for gun violence they will link rates of all kinds of insurance to gun ownership.  Soon after that owning certain types of guns will be prohibitively expensive for most people with high rates.  The banks will become involved with mortgages tied to that liability.  

    Just a thought of how the big driver of this $$$ will or may influence things.

    •  The cost of gun violence (5+ / 0-)

      Sadly, the American tax-payers pay about 75% fo the medical costs associated with gun violence.

      Perhaps even worse, back in the 90's, the gun industry used their clout to pass a law through congress preventing and restricting suits against gun and ammo manufacturers for the injurious results of their clearly dangerous products.  

      This came most likely in response to the number of suits brought by states against cigarette makers to cover the cost to tax-payers for treating all those heart attack and stroke victims.  The gun manufacturers saw the effect these suits had on the cigarette industry, and asked congress for some protection.  Congress obliged.

      Truely, what needs to happen is that we the people have to free our law-makers from the corporatocracy (government by and for the corporations) that now holds sway over those law-makers.

      "The fool doth think he is wise: the wise man knows himself to be a fool" - W. Shakespeare

      by Hugh Jim Bissell on Wed Dec 12, 2012 at 12:34:51 PM PST

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