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View Diary: Normalizing Gun Violence In Our Society (806 comments)

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  •  So what does (3+ / 0-)

    this have to do with the need to regulate weapons at this time? The fact that humans throughout history have always found a means to kill each other is not a good argument for not regulating weapons. Your argument  makes the need for regulating and not escalating the right to own more efficient means of killing.

    When the right to kill, trumps every other human right it ceases to be a right and becomes lawless visious barbarism. Fear breeds fear and the world is not safer for the gun owners or the unarmed.

    Guns are part of the problem and so is the violent mentality that makes this society so willing to kill anybody that threatens them or their stuff. Your world view is all about fear and defending yourself, what about the right to live with out fear of gunslingers and maniac's with maximum killing machines.

    I'm fell sorry for people that live in such a dark nightmarish world. It's a symptom of our violent culture and history. It's also a sign of the times where everything is a war and fear is pumped at us daily.  It's also all the more reason to look at what we can do to control the escalating violence. Sure a knife or a baseball bat can be used to kill but saying this makes it impossible or futile to regulate guns or any weaponry designed solely to kill is not a good argument.      


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