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View Diary: Dems Supporting Obama Vow Not To Negotiate With Economic Terrorists Over Debt Ceiling (59 comments)

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  •  And to those Republicans who doubt whether (13+ / 0-)

    refusing to increase the debt ceiling will harm America's good faith and credit, try this with your banker: First, ask for a loan, rates, points, etc.  Then, tell him your debts are exceeding your ability to pay, and therefore, you will pay no more than you currently pay on your bills after 1 February.  Then, ask for about that loan again.  The last time the Republicans dinked around with the ceiling, it cost municipals and other government related entities billions in raised interest charges due to the lowered credit rating of the US as a whole (marked down from AAA).  Next time, with a lower rate again, many governments and retirement schemes abroad will be forbidden to invest in many US debt instruments.  This could have a catastrophic effect on foreign direct investment in the US.  This is what happened to Spain and Greece as they spiraled downward, but in our case, it will be wholly self-inflicted, or I should say, Republican inflicted.  Democrats and OFA need to make this connection between Republican action and economic consequences a theme of a major, nationwide ad campaign.  This would set up the 2014 election campaign for the House very nicely.  Republicans:  dangerous to America's credit rating; dangerous to your job and your future.  And every sentence afterwards should start with "Reckless Republican . . . (fill in the blank with the issue).

    America needs a UNION NEWS channel. We (unions) have the money, we have the talent. Don't buy 30 second time slots on corporate media, union leaders; fund your own cable news channel and tell the real story 24/7/365

    by monkeybrainpolitics on Wed Dec 12, 2012 at 03:04:33 PM PST

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