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  •  We all self administer hormones (3+ / 0-)

    when we don't have medical coverage, and there are perfectly good hormones available on the internet.

    Since the US system says we are disposable garbage, we go around the US system to get what we need. Other, more civilized countries, are willing to provide it.

    •  i feel ya, there. I am self administering (0+ / 0-)

      asthma treatment. ordered symbicort from overseas. I have my life back.I have insurance but don't want asthma on my medical record.

      As for other counries, yes, I share your frustration. I have a trans friend in UK and I've been following her transition. Se started electrolysis and hormones this last few weeks and couldn't be happier.

      Sucks here for any medical condition, but worse, I'm sure, for transfolk.

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