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    Six YJ-93 engines. 28,000 lb thrust each, sea level static, sfc = 1.8 lb fuel per pound of thrust per hour, 6x28000x1.8 = 302,400 lb/hr. Without AB, 19,000 lb thrust and sfc = .7, giving 79,800 lb/hr.
    Fuel capacity of the plane was 300,000 lb, giving about an hour at AB at sea level, or 3.76 hr at max non AB at sea level. Of course, it would have flown so high that the cruise fuel burn would be less. Assume cruise at mach 3 or 2000 mi (given in Wicki), range of 4288 mi implies an endurance of 2.14 hours, for a rough estimate of 300000/2.14 = 140,000 lb/hr. Mach 3 means cruise in AB, lower density air would mean less thrust.
    Seems about right. It's around 20,000 gallons per hour, average. Or about 10 gal per mile, roughly.

    The Queen Mary:

    Remembered from a tour many years ago. Fuel mileage, about 13 feet per gallon. Fuel loading gauge was calibrated to the nearest 1/4 ton. It had about 4 digits on it beyond that. Looking up the Queen Mary 2 I found its heavy fuel capacity is about 5300 tonnes. About right.

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