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View Diary: OMG. "New!" "Improved!" Emergency Manager Bill in Michigan Just Passes House. Update. (191 comments)

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  •  So this is why Snyder changed his mind (4+ / 0-)
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    about RTW. As soon as he announced he'd sign, I thought, "he wanted something from the legislature. What could it be?" Sure, I know he doesn't care about workers or have any principles, but in republican politics you never do something for someone unless they do something for you.

    Legislature to Snyder: we want RTW in the lame duck.
    Snyder to Legislature: this could kill my reelection chances in 2014, so what do you have for me?
    Legislature: how about a brand new EM law with an appropriation built in?
    Snyder: deal.

    Snyder really wanted his EM law - he has a lot of business buddies lined up for favors like a plum assignment in Pontiac or Benton Harbor or Detroit stripping these cities of their assets and selling them off to friends and friends of their friends at firesale prices.

    Signing RTW and getting this one in return lets him stick it to the voters twice in one go. Now that's corporate efficiency!

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