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View Diary: A Few Personal Thoughts, Community Building... and Please Support the 'War on Christmas' Fundraiser (55 comments)

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  •  It was a nice place to stumble on (10+ / 0-)

    like saved my sanity kind of nice.
    I donated via actblue a couple of days ago.
    I think the site would be better off running on 100% subs and donations. That way we would have more say in what goes on here. Things would shake out either for the status quo Dems or not and in order to keep the site up it would have to cater to those that donated the most.

    So I'm calling on all the DFH to give what you can and lets take this blog and use it to move this damn country to all the places the left loves and the rest of the country would love if they only knew.


    Bonus film review:
    I just saw The Hobbit and it sucked. Not the acting but the film itself. It was filmed for 3D effect despite the fact that they market a full priced non 3D version. Totally flat, unwarm and kind of blurry visuals with a majority of shots made for shit flying at you. Bogus and unHobbit like.
    Gollum was fantastic though.

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