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  •  Out here, we have tons of Mexican workers (3+ / 0-)

    who work the vineyards. I lived in a barrio up here for almost two years. A lot of these folks worked out in the fields. Lazy? Holy God, no. The women would stay at home, mainly, cooking for these huge Catholic families, huge meals to save money, and the men would be up literally at three am quite a bit, to carpool out to work where they'd come home, covered in sweat and dirt from making wine for rich white people to drink and enjoy, at dusk.

    These were easily the hardest working folks I've ever known in any context short of perhaps some military folks.

    And I never heard a complaint about it.

    We were close with these families because my kid and my partner's kids played with those kids on our street, and so we'd be in and out of houses or vice versa.

    When they went to try to unionize, it was amazing.

    This is Cesar Chavez country.

    Anne Coulter has probably never met a Latino person, or at least not one whom she properly identified as such since so many Latinos pass as white. Ugh, she's such a lunatic.

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    by mahakali overdrive on Sun Dec 16, 2012 at 10:00:26 AM PST

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