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View Diary: Painting Latinos 'lazy' (240 comments)

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  •  Romney was hilarious (3+ / 0-)

    when he was doing Latino vote begging, telling them the story of how his grandfather moved to Mexico to avoid prosecution by the American Government for bigamy. He took his four wives and the rest of the family and ran for the border, and somehow Mittens thought that story would resonate with Latinos and make them believe he was one of them! He even had the nerve to say, since his father was born in Mexico that he was one of "them"....

    ...and then a few months later he was calling them part of the "47%".... gee, did he figure out they weren't falling for his BS and was trying to insult their intelligence? They were obviously smarter than Mitt, since most of them are too moral to vote for his intellectually lazy ass!

     I've never met a lazy Latino, and I know many....but we see hundreds of lazy, over-privileged white men every  time we turn on C-Span or Faux News shows a pic of Congress!

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