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View Diary: Painting Latinos 'lazy' (240 comments)

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    ... This slur is equally unjust when thrown against African Americans, but it seems Republican racist stereotypes are more likely to veer in that direction for all sorts of post-civil war cultural reasons.  Republicans are actually more likely to joke about Latinos because they work so hard for so little, and immigration status makes them so easy to exploit.
    I have heard slurs by Latinos against Afro-Americans that they are lazy. And I have heard slurs by Afro-Americans against Latinos saying Latinos accept to work under any conditions and are willing to accept degrading pay and treatment (basically saying they are "uncle toms when it comes to their employers).

    On the other hand Afro-Americans come into competition with Latino immigrants for jobs and I have heard them complain that "these days you need to be bi-lingual and speek Spanish to compete in the job market where lots of Latinos work in.

    May be it's specific to my neighborhood... I don't know.

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