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View Diary: i would not raise "mixed race" children. not happening. (40 comments)

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  •  Identifying as "neither" does get easier (6+ / 0-)

    but it helps a lot if parents give their children permission to be "neither" or "none of the above" and to select for themselves from among the values and benefits, what fits for them personally.

    The vast majority of bi-racial people are not rejecting a color, they are rejecting experiences and most often they are rejecting idiocy.
    It is not just our skin color that makes us who we are.  It may make a difference to other people, but as individuals to ourselves, we are made up of the things we experience and how we perceive those experiences.  
    The same can be said for children of deeply ingrained "mixed-cultural" traditions.

    I'm such a child and can pass for American, but at different times every day, I'm definitely not American, and at others, I'm quintessential American.  Living a portion of one's life outside the country of birth can sharpen perspective, in exactly the way you describe. I've never identified with any hyphenated adjective. They were false true/false tests.

    It's great to see and hear that the next generation is inclined to leave behind the hyphenated identity labels that are used to stereotype and divide us.

    All of us "mixed" folks are a synthesis of everything we experience, everything we notice, and what we choose to think about, and what we choose to act on, and how we choose to respond to external pressures and seductions.

    Someday - questions attempting to measure racial statistics may include "none of the above" or "multicontinent DNA."

    •  I think more parents are going to start (7+ / 0-)

      giving their kids permission to be neither.  My mom wanted me to be both and that isn't how the world works.  We are shaped by the things we deal with and that doesn't always mean we can be split down the middle.

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      by mim5677 on Thu Dec 13, 2012 at 10:04:04 AM PST

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