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View Diary: 2013-14 Governor Race Ratings (57 comments)

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    Yeah...the rating on Corbett probably really depends on his opponent. It does seem like he could get a strong one (b/c of those approvals).

    In general RI politicians are corrupt, but the Dems seem even more so in that state. Chafee is genuinely likeable and while it might depend on the Dem running, if I still lived there I would probably vote for him. I would have voted for him if I still lived there in 2010. It depends on the Dem, but Chafee is actually an upgrade from plenty of Democrats. Not that it's been an issue, but Chafee is pro-choice and plenty of Dems in RI are iffy on that because Catholicism is so strong in the state (so I know plenty of Catholics are pro-choice but I just wouldn't want a Stephen-Lynch type Dem in the gov mansion in RI)

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