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View Diary: Grover Norquist insults Obama (310 comments)

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  •  There's a TV show called Chuunibyo demo koi ga (15+ / 0-)

    shitai! (Despite adolescent delusions of grandeur , I still want love!)

    well "chuunibyo" just stands for 8-grade syndrome but you know, you imagine yourself to be special and have superpowers when in reality you don't.

    This describes Grover Norquist perfectly.... except that he doesn't want love. :P

    And he's physically not an adolescent.

    Why hello there reality, how are you doing?

    by Future Gazer on Thu Dec 13, 2012 at 08:11:36 AM PST

    •  Physically, no (9+ / 0-)

      but mentally and emotionally, that's exactly what he is.

      If the GOP would just be a bit more mature, the country would be much better off.

      •  Well ... he did come up with his life philosophy (9+ / 0-)

        ... at age 12, riding the school bus to 7th grade.  

        (He himself has admitted this.)

        So apparently Norquist really did literally -- literally, not figuratively -- stop maturing intellectually at age 12.

        And even more pathetic, one whole modern political party is apparently right there with him.

        •  That is his claim, anyway. (6+ / 0-)

          Hard to tell if such a self-proclaimation is accurate or not. But, either way, I think this claim has a couple of intentions behind it:

          1. It points up positive qualities - by labling himself a precocious genius, and by implying tenacity, whereby a brilliant 12 year-old came up with a brilliant idea, and then effectively made that idea into the basis for current laws. Grover is saying he's always been great, from precocious genius to power-broker supreme.

          2. It proclaims the simplicity of his goals - by implying that even a 12 year-old can understand his pledge, he subtly insults naysayers intelligence as callow and undeveloped, while complimenting his supporters and playing to their notions of complexity as a force that is used to put things over on them, and simplicity (oft writ as "common sense") as their desired goal.

          So, this feeds his rapacious ego lies about his intellect & abilities, while influencing the faithful to support him and his efforts, which gives him power over Repub congress-critters.

          A winning campaign? You didn't build that...

          by SilentBrook on Thu Dec 13, 2012 at 10:50:43 AM PST

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          •  Whereas, in truth ... (6+ / 0-)

            Everyone else can see the reality of the situation:  

            Grover Norquist stopped maturing intellectually at age 12, and still has a pre-adolescent's ability to grasp the nuances and complexity of the adult world.

            You make good points about how HE probably sees his claim.  But then, again, his own take in itself reveals a pretty immature understanding of how things are going to look to others.

            But he can delude himself about his brilliance all he wants.

            •  Sure, he can (and will) engage in this sort of ... (2+ / 0-)
              Recommended by:
              niemann, Matt Z

              mental masterbation.

              However, I think that the more important point I tried to make was the second one. That is how, in spite of his juvenile tendencies, he amassed his power.

              And not just him, but the whole Right-Wing Noise Machine, focuses on communicating to the lowest-info voters it can, so that they (and we) can be more easily led to slaughter.

              A winning campaign? You didn't build that...

              by SilentBrook on Thu Dec 13, 2012 at 01:53:44 PM PST

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