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View Diary: Previous rumors about Chuck Hagel being nominated for Secretary of Defense heat up (215 comments)

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    Steve Clemons loves Hagel and has convinced me as well.

    The Washington Note

     Hagel co-chairs the President's Intelligence Advisory Board, so he's not some unknown to administration in any respect.

    Hagel in 2010:

    "You can dance around that issue any way you like, but the fact is that there are billions and billions of dollars we've spent and are still spending, over 100,000 troops, and all the assistance we've got going in there," Hagel continued. "It's nation building. We should not nation build. It will always end in disaster."

    He argues that the original aim of defeating the Taliban in Afghanistan -- a group that the United States essentially "invented" during the Soviet-Afghan conflict in the 1970s -- has morphed into something more complex. The U.S. is now building roads and schools, working to establish an Afghan government, and trying to negotiate peace among political factions that have been warring for centuries.

    "We became completely disoriented from our original focus," Hagel charged. "That problem in Afghanistan isn't going to be solved with 100,000 American troops."

    It's no surprise then that the former Senator believes it's time for the United States to aggressively "unwind" in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

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